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CHANGE WORLD option on home screen not working

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On the Home Screen before you log in to a world to commence a game, there is an option to CHANGE WORLD. All that happens when I click this is a blank black square box appears taking most of screen with a X in the top Right and side. If I click on the X it returns me to the Home Screen under the box.

I am running on a MacBook Air on Mac OS Big Sur (kept up to date with all patches and releases). Using Safari (also up to date) as the browser.

Any clues as to what to do? I want to join a new world to restart on the new world from scratch.


  • gamerdruid
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    The change world option is working for me which suggests either a Mac issue or, more locally, an issue on your machine.


    is a direct route to the change world window.
    Before trying that I suggest logging out from Origin (top right of screen, little icon of a head and shoulders) the sign out.

    Once signed out, sign back in and try again. If still not working, try the link above.
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  • nefrontheone
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    edited October 2021
    On Mac with High Sierran and Safari the "Change world" link works properly: 8mm85n3j6294.png

    On Mac with High Sierra and Chrome the "Change world" link works properly, too: ack5ahm8jazx.png

    Perhaps a momentary error?

    Save the @gamerdruid link on your favorites page, it is a good alternative when something fails when switching between worlds.
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