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Ruleset: Uprising vs Morale vs Forgotten Attacks

Can anyone explain to me each of the three rulesets? I haven't played the game in a long time, so how does uprising and Morale work?

I'm aware of how Forgotten attacks work, and how often they hit. Frequency depends on the forgotten bases around a player. More forgotten bases means you are more likely to be attacked, and in consecutive waves.

In your opinions which individual Ruleset are the hardest and which double combination makes them even harder?


  • Hello Commander,

    Uprising = Forgotten Attacks

    Morale System means that your Offensive units will receive a %-malus on effectiveness when attacking a Forgotten target that is stronger than you by a certain amount of levels. The malus increases with the difference in levels.
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  • Clear as mud
  • I think @EE_Elephterion 's answer was pretty short and explanatory.

    There are three types of worlds:

    1.- The normal worlds, also called "new economy" (there is no attack by the forgotten ones and there are no losses in the effectiveness of the attack on other targets)

    2.- The uprising worlds, where the forgotten launch attacks against our bases regardless of our faction or alliance. The number of ongoing Forgotten Attacks depends on the number of Forgotten Bases around you. The greater the number of forgotten bases, the greater the number of waves (consecutive attacks).

    3.- The worlds with morale, where a percentage of the attack level loss of your troops is defined based on the size and strength of the defenses of the target you are attacking when compared to yours (reduces the efficiency of your attacks). Defense bigger than your attack, your troops get scared and lose some of their morale and are less effective. The greater the difference against, the greater loss of morale and effectiveness of the attacks.
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  • nefrontheone
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    Every time a new world is released, the development team indicates what kind of world it will be.

    If you're not interested in playing in one type of world, you wait for the next world they release and that's it. ;-)
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