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GDI and Nod Upgrade swap

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I have an idea (please take the thought lightly, its like anything like this would happen soon) that swaps the upgrades of GDI and Nod around, with 2 modes:
Mode 1: Copy; Units can have 2 abilities researched, so a Paladin can have both infantry slot upgrade and shield upgrade
Mode 2: Cut; GDI units get Nod upgrades and vice-versa - imagine a self-healing Mammoth or a Venom with an anti-vehicle stun grenade.

Now both modes are OP, my next suggestions is that the price of the research remains the same as if you researched it normally from the other faction at the cost of effectiveness. For either mode that would be used, there's a 50 to 67% loss of efficiency. This means that the upgrade the opposing faction purchased would be half or a third as effective as the real deal.

Some examples are:
Kodiak getting Conversion to keep its shields up a little longer
Avatar gets to slowly tear down walls
An invisible Juggernaut (can't say how to nerf)
A fast moving (like ZT upgrade, but slower) Black Hand

Not all upgrades would get nerfed when its moved however; also some upgrades might not translate well with either Paladin or Orca getting the the Sheild and either Venom or Cobra getting the anti-vehicle stun grenade.
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