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Pvp.Pve. Goat.greatest of all time.



  • H1W4y
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    Total statistics are one thing but most of the G.O.A.T. contenders don't stay on a server after the first fortress, maybe the 2nd as a helper so they don't accumulate ridiculous single world totals but are definitely better players.
  • @H1W4y i totally agree G.O.A.T won't hang about they will push onto their next challenge as quickly as possible. They don't care about a 65 offence they want completion of the task as quickly as possible.

    My humble opinion, to determine G.O.A.T. general game stats alone is not a good measure.

    Example (1), I have seen on some servers little accounts sitting on the edge killing all the level 1 bases. They have unimaginably great PvP scores in a very short space of time but don't reflect the ease or difficulty in achieving them kill numbers. That is one example of how stats can be manipulated or falsified to make the account appear "great", i'm pretty sure almost every stat can be manipulated to give a false impression.

    Example (2) is "Infected" kill count which leads to a badge/medal, sit in a level with low level bases which spawn only low level infected and you can kill 100's more than players that sit deep and have infected relative to their offence. The Infected badge is kinda worthless as it is pretty much a pay to buy badge due to the ease of how it can be manipulated (although EA make a lot of extra money when players spend the extra funds to buy the RT and CP to be able to buy the badge) - smart move EA.

    The only stat i can think of that is less likely to be manipulated is fortress badges. An account with 10 first place badges in my opinion must be a contender for G.O.A.T. They have indeed been on the winning team 10 times, that i think is quite impressive, but then again how influential were they in the teams winning 10 times? hehehe 🤡 lol every stat can be questioned but i do think Fortress badges are less likely than most stats to be manipulated.

    As for most PvP kills, most PvE kills etc etc they can be manipulated ;-( sad but true. But then again who cares as the badges are the only thing on show to the community, all other stats if we put our minds to it I think we can "fake it" 🤡
  • gamerdruid
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    I agree with much of what you say, although the example 2 used is supposed to be false. Infected below your level by a certain amount are not meant to count or give rt etc either. Until the next event this can't be checked.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • ditchedme
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  • Agree.ive never been a badge chaser.i play for the friends.an try to help.alot of see where the sever leads .as ive been offered to badge . higher than my alliance.for helping main multiple times.i stick with the team .ill promote others up before me.my opinion.many under rated players
  • @gamerdruid

    You are right from kills that are lower than the level that you should be killing you gain zero RT from them. But a badge chaser will kill them purely for kill count as kill count is what makes them badges. LOL even i have a top ten infected badge maybe i got more i can't remember. But trust me they do all count as numbers of killed infected. I saw it first hand with an alt on some previous Infected rounds. I don't necessarily disagree with the tactic because guys are pushing for kill numbers for a badge, kill numbers is the target nothing else matters for that challenge, so what i mean is it is possible to make it happen easily and therefore it shouldn't really be a factor or stat that is ever used to truly determine G.O.A.T. as it can be a stat that don't really mean much of anything.

    Just like @XXXDEATHDEALER6x some of the greats hide amongst us and we never really see them on top form. So to determine the G.O.A.T. at playing the game i think its actually very difficult to identify any single player or even a team for that matter as so many variables would need to be considered.

    So again i guess we need to go back to 1st place fort kills. Lots of them and often. That is most likely your G.O.A.T. players but you also have a hero or two in the shadows that we love to play beside too. So yes it would be nice to know the G.O.A.T. but for many we already have our own ideas who are actually the G.O.A.T. players. The very best of them i doubt any stats will directly point them out to us.

    Clown 🤡
  • who asked for "the GOAT"? (KRS_L and "papa smurf"'s Nvidia in my opinion... if this is what this thread "should be about"... damnit!)

    this tread is about "PvE & PvP GOAT" going about the higher number...

    my best guess is that some thought that they must be considered among these responses, but then again all they have to bring on the table is politics... just post your highest damage on a world you've been active on an that's it.
    or post the stats of the best one you know... if he's your enemy, you should be proud if he's one of the best ever.

  • Their are many great player.thats no doubt.an has been privilege to battle them all.just wish pvp was in a better state.as like beginning of game.or play a world the way he had to .no upgrades or scripts an see whom is the goat then.That would be a world I wood for certain go to.
  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    Certainly, a world without scripts would distinguish good from poor players. I do think that there is an over reliance on scripts, but if you can't beat them you need to join them by using whatever scripts you can find useful.

    A world where scripts were all broken! I can only imagine the outcry on here!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Well they aren't true pure breed pvpers..an in beginning we had none.we had to learn it from scratch.an I dont use them to this day for pvp
  • I get busted up from time to time .but won my share .KEEP WHAT YOU KILL
  • gamerdruid wrote: »
    Certainly, a world without scripts would distinguish good from poor players. I do think that there is an over reliance on scripts, but if you can't beat them you need to join them by using whatever scripts you can find useful.

    A world where scripts were all broken! I can only imagine the outcry on here!

    I doubt that one that's able to use 3rt party addons to make it's "life" easier would have any difficulties against anyone that is not using them...
    The userscripts are a great way for many players to feel involved and/or helpfull... This feature is above the "funds" feature any day.

    Make the game "userscript free"/without vs. "free funds"/free (one or the the other)... I would chose the one with userscripts enabled.
  • Yea .i just mean like an old school world..we didn't have upgrades .at beginning either.but instead like vet servers starting at 45.level
    Start everyone with 500 cp an 4 days rt.no scripts .u can still by rt an cp
  • I just saw today the post, that's a job for me ! B)

    Sorry I don't have access to all worlds, but almost ! (307 worlds)

    These are only player that can be seen on worlds (since they are hidden after x days)

    Here are few world records :

    Most active worlds = players that still have account in rank = has logged in since x days (because the game clean inactive players from rank after x days I don't remember how many days)
    World42Dummy is my acc that's fake record ^^
    AlkalyneD4, cnc-map.com/ccta-stats.com developer
  • Wow Ty very nice
  • Dam i thought i might have been on one of them lists 🤡

    Nice work.
  • Try to top this in PvP kills:


    Reason for why I have so many PvP kills? Players who refuse to surrender after a war that began in 2014
  • Lol nice
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