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Tiberium Alliances World Championship 2021 starts December 10th!

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Hey Commander,

You waited long for a final announcement and date on a new World Championship and we are glad to bring you all the needed details today.

World Championship World Setup
  • 5000 players
  • Fixed starting layout for the first base
  • Open only to players that completed the endgame at least once
  • Forgotten Attacks enabled, No Morale-malus
  • No Repair Time Bundles for Sale
  • Max level is 65 for players
The WCS 2021 will launch on December 10th, 16:00 UTC.

World Championship Layout
This WCS again, we will choose a starting layout which will be completely unknown until the server starts. We want everybody starting with the same conditions and therefore pick a proper advanced and fun layout.

World Championship Prizes
  • 1st alliance to complete the Endgame receives:
  • 100 € worth funds package
  • A digital copy of an EA developed game of your choice
  • Custom WCS 2021 Badge

2nd alliance to complete the Endgame receives:
  • 50 € worth funds package
  • Custom WCS 2021 Badge

3rd alliance to complete the Endgame receives:
  • 30 € worth funds package
  • Custom WCS 2021 Badge
Prices are of course granted per alliance member. We are additionally preparing some surprise rewards for this year’s 10th anniversary of C&C Tiberium Alliances.

We are looking forward to a blazing competition and wish all commanders the best of luck and success. May the best alliance win!
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