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Authentication's fail?



  • TBI1001
    53 posts Member
    edited December 2021
    So far, the inactive account problem persists. This "reset" is ridiculous, since the entire account is unavailable even for substitution in world.
  • Now I can play again but... not sure for this night. :-(

    How many accounts are you cycling usually?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • catavignus
    4 posts Member
    edited December 2021
    Je trouve dommage qu'EA se mette a agir de la sorte.
    Car beaucoup de comptes vont être perdu, et en plus même le remplacement ne fonctionne pas car EA passe le compte en inactif.
    Nous avons des joueurs qui ne sont plus joignable par mail et du coup ça devient un pb.
    car même si on a mis des funds pendants des années, ça reste perdu a jamais.
    j'espère EA fera quelque chose mais j'en doute.
    Bon jeu a tous et toutes

    I find it unfortunate that EA is starting to act like this.
    Because many accounts will be lost, and in addition even the replacement does not work because EA puts the account inactive.
    We have players who can no longer be reached by email and suddenly it becomes a pb.
    because even if we put funds for years, it remains lost forever.
    I hope EA will do something but I doubt it.
    Have a good game
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  • @EE_Elephterion,

    can you resolve the problem with substitutions of accounts not working? Safety features should not make it such that logging in via substitution is not possible after account password is reset.
  • I don't think they will do anything. They would rather lose sources of income than react.
    I'm already waiting to see their answers :)
  • catavignus wrote: »
    I don't think they will do anything. They would rather lose sources of income than react.
    I'm already waiting to see their answers :)

    I'm afraid you are right. Other than CnC TA and CnC Remastered, I have not and will never get another EA game. As others on the Net have pointed out, too many people whine but do nothing. So everyone should just stop funding EA games until they clean up their act.
  • Before they add more problems to log on. They need to sort out the present logging on Problems many players have. Tiberium Alliance is one of the Best Strat Games on the Net, with MANY Dedicated players so WHY is EA forsaking it, Come on if they tried harder to put simple things right, it could be a better money spinner for them. Just do not understand there attitude to the game
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