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Fortress level mechanisim

Hi commanders!

I wonder how the fort level is calculated.

I know it's related with the army level of the players on the map but anyone knows the exact mechanism? It's based upon the average off level off all players? Top 100? Top 50?

Thanks in advance commanders!


  • have a look here: https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/249371
    eugeneJvan wrote: »
    a bit late in the day to ask, but,
    how does the fortress level get set after it has been destroyed? is it possible to bring the level back down from lvl 95? the reason to ask is this, i destroyed the fortress on w21 at lvl 59, after the 25 viral injections and 3 hits. the problem was, the alliance i was with only changed name, not create a new alliance, so the unbadged players did not get a badge. so we jumped back onto the hubs, now the fortress is lvl 93 before the 25 viral injections. the fortress has gone up 9 levels?? not sure we can do that fortress now, unless another 4 years of farming.
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  • The Fortress Level is based on the Top 10 players iirc.
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