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10 Years of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliance!

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Seasonal greetings Commanders!

While the holiday season has reached Envision Entertainment HQ, we have truly a reason to be merry and celebrate! 10 years of C&C: TA! An incredible time to look back on and what we have experienced together as a community.

In 10 years, we have launched more than 350 worlds and awarded over 18,000 gold medals to alliance members for destroying the Forgotten Fortress and securing the Tacitus.

But also, the Forgotten rose against the player alliances and started their own counter attacks. Fierce battles of attrition were fought on Morale worlds and alliances ventured into anomalous terrain when the Firestorm worlds where introduced.

We battled on eight different Veteran Worlds to find the best of the best in battle Player versus Player. And of course, we crowned 4 Winners of the World Championship with a fifth yet to come.
All of this and more is yet to come. We have more objectives yet to accomplish commander, so let us look forward to the future together.

But before that comes resting in the holiday season. When the new year approaches, we will be ready to say once again:

See you on the battlefield, Commanders
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