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world deactivated Brazil

I played in world 12 brazil with my old e-mail (jardelcell10) I wanted to know why there is no more world server in brazil in command and conquer alliance, or if there are still deactivated and I wanted to know if there will be a world server brazil in this game in the future next


  • gamerdruid
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    The world 12 Brazil still exists. If you don't log on for a long time (around 2 years or slightly more) you are removed from the world.

    The current system does not produce worlds for countries/languages but for 'regions' - Brazil would come under the Americas region. These are the Wrath worlds, which start at an appropriate time for those in that region.

    No new players can see or start on many of the old worlds as they are closed to new entrants.

    The next new world is Firestorm 17 which starts soon.
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