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Error code when trying to get funds

Keep getting error code 50113 !!!!!!!!
What does it mean


  • gamerdruid
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    Help with payment issues is very limited here as they can normally only be solved or answered by EA (not EE) answers HQ or support.

    If you're trying to pay by Visa Debit or Credit Card, check it hasn't expired. Also, check your location country corresponds to the settings in Origin and the startup pages for the game. EA do limit purchase of funds from certain locations from time to time.

    More information would help narrow down the cause but is unlikely to fix. If you can, try to use a different Credit or Debit card or type of payment card.
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  • Keep getting error code 50113 !!!!!!!!
    What does it mean

    Greetings commander.
    I can only forward you tot he EA Helpdesk, they will know how to deal with the error code.

    This link should get you into contact with a Helpdesk person through chat, if you can attach a screenshot of the error in shop I'm sure they can troubleshoot the issue with you.

    Hope that helps @RAYMONDRONALD
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Thanks EE
    Tried again yesterday and the Problem has now cleared managed to put 50k on each of my 4 accounts
    So I'm happy for next 3 months :)))))))
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