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Any Answers from developers on the game route forward?

Like a broken record. But copied from previous thread as no answers or opinions that give insight have been given.

Alts or no alts the game is still dying.
The game is dying. Like a drowning person in a swimming pool. We all wish it were not true, but it is there in front our our eyes for us all to see. In fact its more like a murder, like a crime of passion before our eyes. Our beloved game is being killed by her once before loved ones. Take your foot off of the head of the person you hold under water in swimming pool and you save her life. For Command and Conquer it is all too late, it has already drowned.
Her owner don't really care because she is merely a business venture as soon as the share holders say no more then the life support will be switched off. I guess the replacement business venture waits in the wings poised ready to roll, ready to use any resources that might remain, servers etc.
The unfortunate truth is the game developers have run out of ideas to freshen up game to make game challenging again. The y have no interest. They have no new ideas. But so long as the share holders don't complain then the developers will not do anything.
If the game were not planned for termination and developers were looking at new ideas then the question remains "why have we not heard or seen any of the potential ideas being offered?" the answer is because you don't develop a dying game, there are no ideas being offered. So you run it down, you deplete the hunger and interest for it, then you let it die. RIP C&C.
Sad because i just like many others that play wish so much more for the game and we hold our breath waiting for revival or for news of great things coming but........... nothing. Latest server issues are just another way of trying to speed up the dying process.
Funny thing is we are told the game is not dying.... I say we have been kept in the dark like mushrooms too long and call on the believers of a future to prove it to us.
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