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WCS reporting?

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Why there is no reporting about the WSC?

I would love to read something about the action.
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  • Kinshasa551
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    By the way:

    "We are currently working out the details on the rewards for this years WCS, as we want it to be something extra special. Once we got everything locked in we can share details".

    What are the special rewards? Still haven´t read something about it.
  • the extra special was that there are project with level 27 bases stay in the middle after 5 weeks. So its the easiest wcs ever here :) has nothing to do with tactic and good simming, only with the low bases arround the fort...
  • Smild
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    Congratulations to the project group for winning the championship without opponents)
    The first 2 alliances deservedly receive a medal.
    Well, except for those who like rats came from the opposing camp just to get a medal, and those traitors who told their friends that they do not have time for the championship, but they found the time to play with the project. As well as those who before the start of the chest was beating himself, saying that he would fight with the project, and now plays in their composition, as well as their friendly alliances))
    Let's not name nicknames, they know it themselves) January 5, I asked the head of the group Projekt Bruel

    "I have a small alliance. there aren't even altos to cover the rear. it doesn't even make sense to be on par with yours or the top 2. but with delta, we are still about equal. what if we agree on certain conditions and arrange a small military action in a week? The top 1 and top 2 alliance do not interfere. as a prize, I propose to consider 15 places for the 3rd place. well, and the opportunity to show themselves as warriors not only as part of a strong group where there is only a war with the forgotten. but also in pvp mode
    what do you say? you understand that the current situation is terribly boring) for example, to beat us you will have enough for half an hour. this is a fact. and the usual servers pass like that. but this is the championship. let's make it at least something more interesting. you can also show how the project differs from shaffa. You can show that you give a chance to others. for some reason, I did not even doubt such an answer with regard to the first 3 places) but what about the 4th?
    for example, I didn't go to play with you from the start just because it's very comfortable to play in your alliance group) many people like to play under the cover of the strong. I asked the players who go with you what is the motivation? and you know 5 people answered me that they are afraid to fight.) I am transmitting the answer verbatim. you do understand that this is a disgrace for the war game..

    He replied that seats 1 through 7 were already taken. And then went silent. After that, I have already written today, first in person, and then on the server discord projekt the following message addressed to the commander of the delta

    Hi Commander. I lead an alliance called the Suicide Squad.
    I wrote to Bruel that I want to diversify this server with military action since the projekt group won this championship unchallenged anyway.
    I asked him. Does your alliance know how to fight? Or will all be hiding behind the big backs of Alpha or Alabama? Unfortunately, his silence I can take as agreement.
    Tell me honestly, is it so?
    I offer you a friendly sparring. Just Delta and the Suicide Squad.
    I hope the gentlemen from Alpha who painted us red won't interfere? )) They are gentlemen, and Mr. Moo, who jumped into our sector, politely walk to the satellite code, not touching anyone, and a cup of tea watching the action. No one will touch him for sure. ) We are not interested in Sigma and Alabama. We want equal sparring.

    And you know what they answered me? Nothing)))) just quickly kicked out of their discord server and the top alpha account jumped to us ) .
    I hope everyone reading will understand which players will win this championship after the first top 2 alliances) .
    I will not repeat myself about multi-accounts and stuff, it has already been discussed here many times, I hope EA will think of something for the future.
  • Smild wrote: »
    Congratulations to the project group for winning the championship without opponents)

    im sorry that the game has come to this but people want to win as easily and quickly as possible. i think this years wcs is a step in the right direction for this game, get as many players and alliances cooperating as possible in one server and surely this is the fastest, most economic route to victory for everyone involved. i commend your efforts but if you are not apart of the solution than you are just apart of the problem and validating that behavior by participating in that environment is essentially what is masking the problem to begin with. it really wasnt until t53 when people started to realize and call out this game for what it is, a large but shrinking community of players well known to each other from years of playing together daily project/projekt but there are also many players not included that no longer participate in those servers. we can all clearly see the largest groups dominating each server are the same accounts and the alliance names dont always reflect the cooperation like we see in fs17 but essentially its the same thing. these players have all come from different servers, teams and countries and identified themselves as the best players and choose to only play together. in t53 they have no competition but in wcs and fs17 there are a couple teams not in allied status with the main group so that sort of makes it seem like its still a game. smild you are not helping by validating that type of environment and you are just amusing them while they take advantage of the meta they warped to their insurmountable advantage. projekt or project its all the same with this type of stale one sided mmo. if i am wrong about my prediction of out of control, black mamba, summersun, ares, summersun2, galactic union being the medal order from 1-6 on fs17 than i will take back my assumptions of the mass cooperation being just the same there as in t53 and wcs. i saw alot of players quit because the top guys in their team would leave for a chance to play with a group of better players and server after server they got emptier with less teams. these guys stepped on backs to get themselves ahead and then ditched everyone and along with taking all the easy targets they took the excitement, hope and spirit of competition away from all the other players. take a poll and ask a room full of people who would be happy to settle for second place id be surprised if it was 10% but i wouldnt be surprised if those people were the ones still left playing this game. in 2 weeks it will be 10 years here for me and i tell you it has not been fun very often at all and in fact its taken its toll on me in more ways than i can admit here but i love it and would do anything to fix it especially if that means abstaining from it as some would suggest i am one of the reasons nobody plays this anymore. congrats to this years wcs winners, the only ones left that can stand playing FA servers now...
  • The Alpha project was delighted - there were several people who decided to go against their 200 accounts + 100 alts. Now they will be able to say that they are not champions among farmers, they had a terrible PVP))))
  • This is how it really was. Previously, "skillful" alt players played in different teams and there was at least some kind of balance, but then one player came up with the idea of ​​collecting all these geniuses in one team and a terrible decline in the game began. EA is able to fix this problem with a snap of a finger, but it doesn't. And all for the reason that they are afraid that the prohibition of this skill will lower their income, although now it is clear to the idiot that their income has already fallen. I will say more as soon as they remove the mechanic where the bases can be at the expense of alts, most of these players are noobs. And even a full donate won't help many of them
  • @Smild36 hi, brilliant bit of reading there and i totally agree, we were playing fair on tib53 and we dig fair to the level 45 poi only to be told that we are too deep and we need to drop back to make a @soft border 43', basically they wanted us to give up out poi's and move back to the level 43 area, then from nowhere we was attacked by 4 project wings and a mail was sent to our team saying that if the leaders leave our ally then they will leave us alone, but if me and my fellow cic stayed in the alliance then we would be killed!, after this was mentioned i questioned it in the PROJECT discord room and i was kicked!

    so i decided to leave the alliance i was the leader of just so my players could get a fair game, but most of them left with me because it was just another case of bullying!

    how much is this costing the game overall? players? money? soon there will be no game left!

  • Kinshasa551
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    "He replied that seats 1 through 7 were already taken"
    LOL LOL LOL - that´s the summary of this year´s WCS. Congrats to all parties involved.
    Envison + the project guys truly have done a tremendous job!

    WCS 2019 Nr1. 10.314 PVP kills
    WCS 2022 Nr1. 223 PVP kills (probably all from killing alt accounts)
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  • sbncb2majvix.png

    The morning began with a well-deserved kicking of the lazy people of Project Delta.
  • alpha will just feed bonus to delta or they will send over a few players to kill the party, but i give you full respect for hitting them and proving a point
  • If you spent less time theorising writing long convoluted nonsense, and more time learning how to play the game. You might get better at it.

    P.S. i don't run alts.
  • alpha will just feed bonus to delta or they will send over a few players to kill the party, but i give you full respect for hitting them and proving a point

    Well yes. That's only fair and logical. I'm unsure how this violates normal gameplay or strategy?
  • If you spent less time theorising writing long convoluted nonsense, and more time learning how to play the game. You might get better at it.

    P.S. i don't run alts.

    yes u do
  • If you spent less time theorising writing long convoluted nonsense, and more time learning how to play the game. You might get better at it.

    P.S. i don't run alts.

    thats just it there tj we want to spend some more time learning how to play not just getting bounced out of every server because its always the same immense group of people cooperating for wins.
  • If you spent less time theorising writing long convoluted nonsense, and more time learning how to play the game. You might get better at it.

    P.S. i don't run alts.

    I don't know what nonsense you saw in the posts above. Please point these points out. At least every word I wrote from communication with your alliance leadership I can confirm with screenshots.
    This game is already pretty old. Many people know how to play it just fine. There is nothing to learn.
    Honorable if you personally don't use alts. But you yourself are well aware of the situation within your group and understand who is who)). player or alt.
    Before I was excluded from the discord project you had a great thread where the leadership (Bruellhusten and awesomesk22 (Marc)) at the start offered players who do not have alts to give them at their disposal.
    I have not seen a greater public disgrace (since your discord server has over 600 accounts) in all my 8 years of experience in this game.
  • Smild36 This is an ordinary noob, he does not understand the mechanics of the game. It makes no sense to explain why with the help of alts they get an unfair advantage, and then it is impossible to defeat such players. Previously, when all such players played in different alliances, the game was, although broken, but playable.
  • again and again

    ...you can read lies of these Project-Noobs. Ofc nobody is playing with alts in this Ally :o
    ...you can read these really great advices (stop....and learn how to play that game) by these Project-Noobs.

    I would suggest to ignore them in the forum - but i know thats impossible by reading these arrogant and ridiculous comments.

    There is one way to get rid of these Noobs -> if they are starting a server you immediately have to leave that server. Let them play alone.

    again and again

  • Simple numbers, buying limits for alts for a week 300 cp 1 day rt cost 1250 funds. Buying 12 cp from a supply costs 249 +24 =5000 funds per day. That is, if you play honestly, in addition to the limits, you can buy cp for a day for 5000 funds. And you are also limited in donation. You can’t buy more at the beginning of the game even if you want to. And imagine you use 2 alts, what advantage do you get, and if you have 7 alts... I don't understand what kind of fair play or skill we can even talk about. The only way to remove alts from the game is to not give resources if more than one player is hitting the base. EA can't decide on this because the army of noobs who are not able to kill the base alone will start crying. But the developers will not come up with another solution. And while everything remains as it is, EA will lose money, but for them this is apparently not critical.
  • @pad3000

    i´ve already written that x times -> 0 ressources if 2 accounts are shooting a base. thats an easy solution that takes no longer than a few minutes of work for the Envision guys. Unfortunately there is still not one comment by @EE_Elephterion and Co. about that proposal.

    You don´t get rid of the alts in general - but for sure you get rid of these big mains from players without any skills = known as project players.

  • The problem is not in the project. When they leave, others will take their place. It's just that the project for the first time gathered cheaters into one team, and as a result, the game broke down completely. The fault lies entirely with the developers. In any game there are cheaters and the developer is obliged to deal with them. We pay to play this game and we want to get a quality game. In my memory, this is the first time that a game developer knows about the problem, but for years does not want or cannot solve the problem. I repeat before when all these players played in different teams there was at least some kind of balance. But the project has created a precedent, and now even if the project itself leaves, another similar team will come in its place. Since cheating always gives more chances to win than fair play. The game will not return to its previous level until the developers solve the problem with alts.
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