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Cannot spawn dead base

Unable to spawn dead base
option Move Base is grayed out and map shows territory control by dead base despite base recently killed


  • gamerdruid
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    More details needed. Which world is this and what are the co-ords? Is it on the same account as you're posting here?

    Sometimes this sort of problem arises and a world needs to be rebooted but it's unlikely it will happen until Monday even if it is needed.

    In the interim, the 'more details' would help identify where the issue is.
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  • Problem corrected itself after 24 hours had elapsed for ruin expiration and I was able to move then spawn the dead substitution base. I suspected it was some game glitch or lag in server updating information as often happens.
    The details were: WCS 2021 server Golden Label player MitoxXLenda was killed here [coords]306:130[/coords] (now successfully spawned here [coords]304:122[/coords]) yesterday 20:25:38 time. Thank you for your reply and trying to improve the game :)
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