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Hellstorm has arrived!

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Effective on new servers with the ruleset Hellstorm!

Hellstorm servers will come with a variety of new and challenging rulesets, that will force players to make crucial decisions on their journey to the center of the map, while offering multiple approaches to becoming the first alliance to defeat the Tactus. Dynamic strategies will be required for success.

Morale Spectrum:
A new morale system that increases in difficulty the closer you get to the center. This system allows alliances that are falling behind to catch up as the higher ranked alliance are slowing down.

Loyalty Points:
1 loyalty point is awarded to players every 7 days they have remained in the same alliance.
1 point: 1% bonus to all POIs.
2 points: Additional 2% bonus to all POIs.
3 points: Additional 3% bonus to all POIs.
4-20 points: Additional 3% bonus to all POIs.
Loyalty points are capped at 20.
If you leave your current alliance your Loyalty Points resets to 0.

PVP Points:
PVP Points are awarded to players by killing other player bases, in addition to PVP Points you will earn Bounty Points, the combined total determines your rewards. Points earned will depend on the level of bases you kill as well as the Bounty you earn. Bounty Points earned based on the rank of the alliance they are in. Check next thread for PVP Points earned.

A base will only give points once every 24 hours.
PVP points will go active 7 days after server start.

PVP Bonuses:
50 points: +5% to all POIs
100 points: +5% to personal Tiberium Production
150 points: +5% to personal Crystal Production
200 points: +5% to personal Power Production
250 points: +5% to Offensive POIs
300 points: +5% to Defensive POIs
350 points: +1% to all POIs
400+ every 50 points: +1% to all POIs

Other Hellstorm rules:
After receiving a badge the Tactus will kill any player within 50 spaces effective on respawn.

This ruleset will provide a true competitive atmosphere by giving teams that are lagging behind opportunities to catch up, as well teams that are ahead will be increasingly running into harder morale with bounties on their heads. Hellstorm can be played with Forgotton Attacks for a more robust and challenging server. When you play a Hellstorm you know you are in for a wild ride and a good time.

This ruleset is what the community wants please reply and support the changes.

NOTE: Check next thread for PVP Points breakdown.

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    PVP Points rules.

    Player Base Kill Points:

    +11 level=20 points
    +10 level=20
    +9 level=19
    +8 level=18
    +7 level=17
    +6 level=16
    +5 level=15
    +4 level=14
    +3 level=13
    +2 level=12
    +1 level=11
    Same level=10
    -1 level=9
    -2 level=8
    -3 level=7
    -4 level=6
    -5 level=5
    -6 level=4
    -7 level=3
    -8 level=2
    -9 level=1
    -10 level=0
    -11 level=-1
    -12 level=-2
    -13 level=-3
    -14 level=-4
    -15 or less level=-5

    Alliance Base Kill Bounty Points:

    1st ranked alliance=10 points
    2ndranked alliance=9 points
    3rd ranked alliance=8 points
    4th ranked alliance=7 points
    5th ranked alliance=6 points
    6th ranked alliance=5 points
    7th ranked alliance=4 points
    8th ranked alliance=3 points
    9th ranked alliance=2 points
    10th ranked alliance=1 point

    Badged Player Kill Bounty Points:

    +10 points for any kill
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