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"Project Alpha" New World Champion!

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We are very happy and proud to announce that the first-place alliance on the Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances World Championship Server (WCS) 2021 are "Project Alpha". By being first to defeat the Forgotten Fortress, they have now solidified their place as the #1 alliance on the WCS as well as the entire game. The road to being number one was not an easy one, "Project Alpha" had to go through major battles and negotiations with different alliances which ultimately led to their victory.

As a prize for all their efforts each "Project Alpha" alliance member will be awarded the following:
• An Electronic Arts Origin game of their choice.
• 150,000 CCTA Funds.

We would like to congratulate "Project Alpha" and all its members once more on this huge accomplishment. We encourage all other alliances to stay focused, we will give away 100,000 respectively 50,000 CCTA Funds for second and third place!

Thanks to Bruellhusten1 for the video of the Fortress falling:
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