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What is Next

Guys Project has said its closed down. Others say Put spots on a Tiger, its still a tiger by any other name
I do believe that the only way to even things out AGAIN is to bring back the Old PvP with its old Rules. good or Bad.Account eating ETC but we need to get back to good old basics
We need to get back to what the game was. before it turned into Candy Crush with Tanks or farm vill with Air craft. THIS IS A WAR GAME FIRST AND LAST well at least it use to be. But like in Real life the Wimp MINORITY has mucked it up for every one and THEY are the ones who are Responsible for the Evolvement of Project


  • Kinshasa551
    159 posts Member
    edited March 2022
    What is next? It’s simple…

    …stop playing till there are changes to the game - unfortunately that will not happen because there are no people working on it (see comments made by EE_Elephterion).

    …let Project or what’s the next name play their game. They will not stop using xxx Alts on every server they play.

    …and finally instead of using way to much money for funds use the money for something more important!
    I think almost everybody knows what i am talking about.✌️
  • gamerdruid
    4927 posts Moderator
    Yet you keep returning and saying the same thing! If you hate the way the game has gone (whether that be how the game plays or the style of play of other) why do you keep returning with the same or similar comments? Take your own advice and move on!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Thankfully we live in a country where one person do not tell me what to do! Fortunately everybody is allowed to advance his personal opinion. Because of that I respect your point of view but i do not care at all!
  • What next?
    we have split and we will keep splitted as bruel and rest have already informed you . So for upcoming wrath as I know at least 2 different teams will show up , ttd and one more . So you could either try to create a third alliance and compete against those 2 or try to join those 2 and enjoy hopefully a better and more competitive server
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