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Possibility of transferring power once for one server

Hello developers,
I suggest once in whole game to have possibility for transferring power.
I know all players understand what i have in mind


  • Agree as the Game has got more Power Hungary, Then Like Tib and Crystal we should also be able to Transfer Power from Base to Base
  • Nudlaug0815
    2 posts New member
    I know, it's an old post and will not happen anyways, but I'll give my 2 cents about what will/could happen.

    This would result in a 2nd power layout base everyone would gather in mid game, pushing power only for as long as it's possible without building any off there. It would make top players even stronger, using that transfer close to a near-fortress war, resulting in other players than the top5-10 being completely useless. It would break already easily exploitable game mechanics (e.g. projects way to play non-malus-worlds) even more, considering you have enough tib to push a 2nd power base permanently.

    Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. :)
  • i agree with noodles, anything that lets better players get too far ahead should not be allowed, including power transfers, higher poi bonus ratios and higher max base levels especially as this is more of a racing game now instead of a war strategy game.
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