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Unable to purchase funds

EA is refusing payment from me, I have followed previous advice, checked all my details, spent ages on EA Chat, raised cases. All to no avail.
I've tried 3 valid credit cards, paypal, an alternate laptop, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera.
I have double checked that my EA details and my billing address match
I have waited 24hrs, 3 times
They won't take my money!
I'm getting the message that my cards are invalid, but they are valid


  • Okay here is my fix although it doesn't make complete sense. I now have funds

    Repeated advice is to try again in 24hrs, allowing the system to reset.

    Anyway. That didn't work for me. The 3 credit cards I used remain blocked. After triple checking that my billing info matched my EA info. I used a 4th card and it worked

    My assumption is that on the occasions that my info was corrupted, I managed to get 3 credit cards permanently refused. The system did not reset after 24hrs.

    Note: My EA info got corrupted, when I was blocked from an alt account, and got locked out of everything. eg, my date of birth changed, and my country defaulted to Afghanistan
  • galcoe
    1 posts New member
    ea dont recognise my payment on paypal, please fix, my acount on paypal says the request has been made and its pendent, please fix asap
  • gamerdruid
    4927 posts Moderator
    No-one here can fix this. You need to contact ea.com/help
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • No point contacting EA there useless advise using a different card and waiting 24 hrs obviously a call centre oveseas with stock answers.
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