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TA Funds - is there a time/amount restriction on TA funds

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I purchased TA Funds and was able to use are 540 of my TA Funds, but now the resupply + sign is greyed out for Tiberium, Crystals, Power and Credits. Is there a time restriction or limit on how much stuff you can buy?


  • 089678951
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    No need for anyone to respond. While the CC game is very cool it is not for me. I'm not patient enough for this game. Just went with a refund.
  • gamerdruid
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    In answer to the question - there is no time limit or quantity restriction on the purchase of TA funds.
    In order to use the funds you need supply points which refill automatically over time. The supply point limits vary according to your player rank. You start with 0 so it takes some time to build them up to be able to 'spend' them.
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