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problem entering the game


  • Anyone having problem signing in?
  • EA quality, where games suck all the time ...
  • Can't login. did a full restart cleaned cache and it just repeats the login window.. cant log on to my other accounts. Started today ...
  • HUNKA7
    1 posts New member
    Because you are too good. so we kicked you out of the game. lol kidding aside. yeah, same here. Can't log on since this morning.
  • Also having problems signing in today. Cleared Cache, re-started both browsers, can't get to the screen where you enter the e-mail and password. Another EA FUCKUP. Thanks.
  • Yep, you're not alone...
  • DOCSWarden
    11 posts New member
    Tiberium Alliances has been down since 5 pm EST. I have done the Help Chat twice to no avail. How do we get someone to fix this ?? I have tried 3 browsers and my phone.

    I get to the Home Page, click Sign On, and the same Home Page reloads. Can we get this fixed ??
  • DOCSWarden
    11 posts New member
    Been down for me since 5 pm EST. I am on Chat with EA for the fourth time !!!
  • o_WL4D_o
    posts New member
    the game is showing instabilities, so we can access the game we are being harmed in relation to the evolution of our bases. how will we be rewarded?
  • GenKodok
    1 posts New member
    Can't login with error "www.ea.com redirected you too many times."
  • Suport EA - Error 500 :|
  • Same here ! It has been a while since a major malfunction like this ? I would think that 2 days out /Wasted time and Funds , would warrant some replacement Funds or Packages . RV
  • Von_Sid
    1 posts New member
    Error 500 - Support?
  • Seems to be a worldwide outage...
    I am getting the '500 error' screen every time I attempt to open the game.
    Maybe those pesky russian hackers had a go at EA....
    the red screen of death....again and again and again...woot woot.....

    Yikes...I bet this is REALLLLYYYYY chafing the skin right off of the super 'funded' players....watching the clock tick down on whatever bonus they funded this week.....
    I wouldn't want to be an EA 'support' operator this week.
  • Server Fuera de linea. no he podido entrar a mi juego
  • Same problem, spent ages working on my system only to find it's an external issue, bah humbug
  • Is there any new information on the Tiberium Alliance site being 'down'...???
    When attempting to sign in I get re-routed back to the same screen or I get the 500 Error message.
    It seems to have been down for approximately 24 hours at this point.
  • never mind....
    this link has fixed the issue for myself anyway

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