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Noobie help: Offensive unit composition/mix

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I'm interested in how people build up their offensive units. I usually do the same thing every time, and I just started thinking if what I'm doing is actually good or not.

Assuming research happens like it does with some of the pinned topics (which I will list below), what do you guys use for offensive when building the initial base and when you first start farming forgotten bases?


Research assumptions:

GDI: Predator, FireHawk, 2nd Base - Defense: Predators, Zone Troopers, Orcas, 3rd Base - Defense: Pitbulls, Support Buildings, 4th Base

NOD: Vertigo, 2nd Base - Defense: Shredder MG, Scorpion, Cobras, 3rd Base - Defense: Flak, Support Buildings, 4th Base, Cobra Shields
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