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name change

changed my in game name; but the sad fact is that it gave all my worlds the same name. when I wanted to change each one to a new one


  • Yes its an account name change its the same account on all worlds so name will be the same on all. Change one, you change all by default, there is no hiding. If you wish different names on each world you will need to start a new account on each new world you start. For info if you have any badges on your account and you change the name of your account the name on the badge remains the same as when you won the badge. Example if you won a fort badge on Server 1 with account ABC365 then that name on that badge will not change even if you change the account name.
  • gamerdruid
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    This is true, although the post is in the 'Tiberium Series' sub-forum it will hold true for all EA games that don't allow separate personas within an account.
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