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A Suggestion on reservation rings

How feasible would it be to add a switch/function on reservation rings that would visually indicate to everyone that a new base, is now ready to spawn.
I have left edited messages on my rings giving ETA for new base establishment & oftentimes they are ignored. Perhaps a visual que, that can be triggered when base researched is achieved, might help...


  • gamerdruid
    4930 posts Moderator
    Part of the problem with reservations is that only those in your alliance can see the marker.

    Even when a base is killed the layout stays so you don't need to wait for a new base to spawn. It is only after that layout is used that a new layout will be located on that spot. Until a base spawns you won't know the layout so reserving a spot where a base has been killed and used for the layout doesn't make much sense.

    Hope this helps - or have I totally misunderstood your reference to 'reservation rings'?
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