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Reduced resources from attacking a base/camp/Outpost with multiple accounts

Does anyone know or understand how the reduced resources are calculated when more than one account attacks a FG base etc?
For example, if a couple of players attack the same base, one player does say 10 attacks and kills the base, but another player also does a couple of attacks, will the player who kills get reduced resources? I'm guessing it's more to do with a percentage of the damage caused to that base?

Am sure the answer is buried somewhere in this forum, but, I can't seem to find it?


  • ditchedme
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    edited June 2022
    you dont get 100% full loot but you can get a target down to 85% with any number of accounts. so as long as its killed by a single account at 85% remaining durability you should get almost full resources or at least 85% of the available defense durability loot and full base resource payout minus any structure durability not dealt by the main, i believe. when i used to multi account i would use 4 accounts and choose one as a main and one as a scouting account that were the same faction usually nod and then 2 gdi to balance but more importantly i would destroy all the initial smaller bases with the gdi and scout accounts to get my main base while as close as possible to a very easy target in the highest base level range i could safely reach without losing shield or by racing to activate the largest tunnels in range while being as conservative as possible and finding targets with preferably more tiberium/cash/rp payouts. The easier targets will only have a few units defending a cy lane and will make for a quick kill and very good loot if you at first deal a maximum of 15% sustained damage by alt accounts to remove any trouble defenses for your main account, and by sustained i mean when you simulate an attack with your main base after softening it with alts there should be 85% of overall defensive structure durability remaining. also, to check the remaining % with your main account simply send a single unit in a simulation attack and make sure it deals no damage and the result should say 85%. as long as the construction yard is destroyed by a single account which deals 85 percent damage, if you go over the percentage you can simply wait until it has regenerated. this effectively can be done to any target not just easy ones and is a bit of a way to exploit the loot sharing patch and circumvent malus restriction to a degree. its not a perfect explanation of why sannahoppea is always ahead of everyone, but its all i care to mention.
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