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Base layout - changed recently?

I've been scanning bases, outposts and camps for a new base. I noticed that a few bases had an odd layout - the tiberium and crystals are be placed at the edge of the base. Has this always been the case? Or is a new thing?


  • Greetings Commander,

    next time you find one of those odd layouts, can you take a screenshot for us to see? That would help but as far as I know we have not changed anything regarding layouts in any patch in recent years.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • World: Tiberium 49.

    Base scanner results: https://i.imgur.com/PHALCky.jpg
    In the first row: boxes #2, #3, #9 show the Crystals on the edge. (More in other rows).

    Picture of base 415:554: https://i.imgur.com/4d5tfMx.jpg

  • nothing unusual, 1 resource field is often close to the edge.
  • Aarakocras
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