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I can't transfer resources between my own bases

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It's been like three days now where the game won't let me transfer resources between my own bases, which aren't locked down, recovering, under attack, or anything like that.

I enter the destination base, access the transfer of resources, select the base (or bases) of origin, mark 100% transfer of resources and click Transfer resources.

The following image appears indicating that it is NOT possible:


Note: If I choose 75%, it does let me transfer

World: Tiberian 35 Europe

I just realized I didn't put the name of the player with the problem, sorry.
Player: Dobloskia
World: Tiberian 35 Europe
Always testing something
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  • happened to me a while ago when trying to transfer 100% of the resources from one base to another, i thought it was an error due to fluctuation in total amounts because of the continuous and bonus production so i refreshed the page in case it didnt save any previous resource transactions. i think it was a bug that they must have patched before or it just fixed itself otherwise.
  • Nothing, checked.

    He is telling me that in other worlds he doesn't have that problem.

    Even after selecting 100% to transfer, he allowed a few seconds to pass and the source databases were filled with more resources, but the error persisted.

    It is something specific to that world.
    Always testing something
  • Проблема продовжує виникати.
  • здається, працює сьогодні.
  • Dobloskia wrote: »
    здається, працює сьогодні.

    It seems that now it is working again and he can already transfer 100% of the resources.
    Always testing something
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