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Problem with relocate window

Relocate window is bugged for me, cant' be able to confirm relocation since i can't scroll down to click the button, its bugged on chrome, firefox, even tried microsoft edge same, and every world im playin on i can't relocate anymore.

Came back after some years i were starting to enjoy the game again, but older worlds i can't do anything anymore, very disappointing....


  • https://imgur.com/a/PjI7JoD im stuck like this and can't scroll down, if i got the problem with every browser and every world, must be the game
  • gamerdruid
    4933 posts Moderator
    Nope - not the game.

    If you set the Zoom level to around 60-80% you should see the missing buttons. (Depends on screen resolution which is a setting of your computer.)
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  • didnt think that way :p thank u so much gamerdruid, dont know how game is active now, honestly i wasnt expecting an answer before days ;)
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