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progress is still happening....

People are today complaining about who is it...? project,organizing, PAYING so often beating the fortress first. That's the game. But, there is nothing stopping people from continuing the server, and beating it in their own time.? This has never not been the case, a few alliances organize and repeatedly beat the fortress server after server. So what is the difference now compared to 10-15 years ago? Was in any easier to get on a "winning" alliance before?


  • And yet there are players waiting to start new servers that EA does not provide. While the top alliances are going after the fortress a whole other group of players could be competing on a new world yet they wait to give us what we want. Unfortunately I have been told that EA does not read these forums. If a few of us are voicing our displeasure, multiply that number by hundreds that have either just given up or will be exiting the game platform soon.
  • new servers like every 60 days or so. I'm not sure that increasing the rate servers are released will solve the problem and hoping that people who are labeled undesirable to play with do not log a server is not a solution. someone else may want to interact with them, ironically making the first person the undesirable..

    and servers do not fill to capacity like they use to. the solution seems to be just build an alliance with friends made in the past and push on.
  • if they have to charge at all, that many funds will represent the entire time most people commit to a server. so by the time you burn 90k you are looking at the next new server so 90k is a decent run at the fortress? If people didn't leap to a new server so often then cheaper funds might be next....just a guess. and maybe some new features too.
  • Speaking of features has anyone seen anything unusual more than forgotten infantry with emp in the early game?
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