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22.3 PTE Maintenance & Update 5. Sept

Hello Commanders,

Update 22.3 is ready for deployment to the Public Test Environment. It is a smaller update that we have for our players, that mostly addresses things in the background again.

The patch will start around 08:00 UTC on Monday, 05th September. We will take the Public Test Environment offline for the update. This process will take about an hour for the world to complete, progress is halted during that time.

Please make sure to assess all the changes thoroughly and let us know about any issues you may find.

  • An error with certain website cookies on the world browser was fixed. This should result in fewer redirection issues.
  • An error was fixed that caused browsers to stop responding on the warning message for unsupported web browsers
  • An error was fixed that prevented players from using the Repair All function while outgoing attacks were active.
  • Enabled the editing function on the alliance marker creation dialogue again.
  • Selecting ‘No’ when entering a substitution will now properly lead you to the landing page again instead to the world.
  • A bug was fixed that prevented achievements from being loaded properly.
  • Admin-mail should now be delivered again properly to all players of a world

Known Issues
  • TBA
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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