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Veteran Worlds Hotfix 25. Oct 2022

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Hello Commanders!
We will be performing maintenance on all Veteran Worlds on Tuesday, 25th October 2022. For this reason, the worlds hosted on that machine will become unavailable and progress will be paused. This will address the sorting bug in the leaderboard.
We begin the maintenance around 07:00 UTC and hope to complete the whole process around 08:00 UTC, where we will start to bring worlds back. This is of course barring any unforeseen obstacles. Below you can see which worlds will become temporarily unavailable on that day.

Rollout 25. 10. 2022
  • Veteran World 2016
  • Veteran World 2
  • Veteran World 3
  • Veteran World 4
  • Veteran World 5
  • Veteran World 6
  • Veteran World 7
  • Veteran World 8
  • Veteran World 9
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