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research points

I was thinking that a way to produce research point would be cool. Maybe adding a blue refinery for crystals. Anyone have ideas for research point production?


  • gamerdruid
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    RP's are gained from killing bases/outposts/camps.
    Do that often enough you get enough to research advanced unit. Once you've done that you don't need them to upgrade your buildings, defence or army.
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  • b97cbae3213388ee
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    edited October 31
    They have the same purpose as the green refinery output except there is no way to produce them in the base.

    And the currency produced from green refinery output is used for repairs or some other process for instance but the drain on that resources is not noticeable then, researching new units will drain green refinery output considerably.
    Maybe a wider research angle should be playable by adding research production?
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  • Just a thought here...
    If research points were an in base production then a third player faction, forgotten who can harvest and research is maybe possible?
    They would have to move through tunnels at times and not necessarily fight other forgotten. Maybe level and add units while unseen. ...
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