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password reset

Anyone else ever get reset password once a month but it never sends the reset email? I've spent hrs online with support trying to fix this issue. Right now can only log into 1 of my accts.


  • gamerdruid
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    edited November 2022
    I've not heard of and not had a password reset request regularly, only on accounts that have been unused (no direct login) for a while.

    (I'm sure any suggestions I might make will have been tried by you or with support.)

    Has the email account spam settings been checked and @ea.com added to the safe list?
    Have you got the country and language settings matching? IE if you're in the Netherlands, the language set to Dutch (even if you use French as your main language)
    Are you able to log into Origin.com? (I suspect not.) Have you tried using the recover password from Origin.com?

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