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Wrath world

Ijust want to ask if it is possible to combine both , morale system and forgotten attacks , could be a real hardcore game then , those players rushing towards center in one month would be rly unhappy but this can slow down the game and make it more profitable for EA . Also i have seen some topics about change in defalult capacities , just thought that 240cp´s and 1day rt would be exactly balanced. what do u think?


  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    If I remember correctly, FA & Morale has been tried before on a world. As for increased capacities I don't think it will happen, it has been suggested a number of times along with changes to the bonuses from POI's.
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  • I´ve found the world u were talking about , any chance these rules will appear on new world? still think it ´s only way how to stop those people to shoot lvl 40 bases with army lvl 21.....
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