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Report cheating

How do we report cheating?

@EE_Elephterion @gamerdruid please message me so I can provide video



  • gamerdruid
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    You need more posts than you have to read messages.
    Cheating is reported from the world by viewing the player details 79jux3zg22lq.png and using the Report Player button. Without naming anyone or any alliance, explain here what you think the 'cheating' is as once you've officially reported (naming names etc) it you don't get any feedback on any actions taken.
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  • It was reported using the in game report player feature. Player had a 30 second lock after being attacked. Typically this lock should be for me or someone from my alliance as I was attacking him but the 30 second lock did not allow anyone to attack. After the 30 second lock expired, the player could repair/move base etc. The lock was only experienced on one player.
  • i think thats just a patch to stop combat locking, im not sure how it works exactly but if you do a small percentage of damage to the enemy player base, you dont get alliance lock after the 2 minute timer is up. this was to prevent people using smurf accounts to keep their own base on lockdown. Also, i believe the alliance lock can be spoofed into keeping an attacker out of alliance lock if the target player base attacks another player. Maybe in doing less than 5-10% damage to enemy defenses the patch denies you alliance lock for 30 seconds after your attack, maybe your target attacked a different player which gives them the alliance lock instead of you. development may have been a bit short sighted when patching all the various exploits found over the years, they worked hard to stop some and completely ignore the exploits that detract from the competitive aspect, like mass collusion and smurfing. i used to think it was cheating as well, but have come to expect that to happen regularly during pvp. lucky for this community most of the aggressive pvp fans no longer play this game.
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