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My Player Name is Messed Up

Good evening. Havent played this game since 2015/2016. Logged in the other day to world 108 and noticed my name was messed up. Figured it was just because of how long it has been. Joined the newest world thinking it would resolve and my name is still messed up... Wouldnt care as much except I have 12k TA funds I dont want to go to waste... Is it possible to fix this? Name was RDX Titan


  • Tried changing my name in the customer portal and refreshed my games... Still messed up. Unsure if I can post pics here... Doesnt seem like it.
  • gamerdruid
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    You need to have a set number of posts to be able to post pictures/links and to receive private/direct messages.

    I've had the same happen and provided you can log into origin.com and pass the security system then I've found you're able to change the user name - not just from the hex string but from any name.
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