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Guidance on Infected Challenges

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edited December 2022
I wanted to create a central topic for all things related to infected challenges.

1. Infected NPCs are spawned by placing bases with offense levels equal or greater than -6 of POIs within 4.5 spaces of the POI. Similar to spawning outposts.
2. For a POI to be fully activated for unlimited follow-ups of Infected NPCs, 5 bases within the proper offense levels must be within 4.5 spaces of the POI.
3. Once 35,000 NPCs (or whatever maximum is stated in the challenge screen) are spawned world wide, no more Infected NPCs will be spawned. That means it is best to quickly spawn and destroy the NPCs to ensure the maximum benefit of RT and CP is realized.

My advice (if mainly after RT benefit) is to move to a lower level POI where you can easily shoot every single Infected NPC to quickly gain as much RT as possible. The CP cost is minimal since each Infected NPC also provides a certain amount of CP. The main bonus is RT. Shoot at the lowest cost possible, and if you have the funds, increase RT maximum to 7 days or so. This will allow you to have a nice RT buffer for PVP/PVE.

Please post other tips and other aspects of Infected challenges here. I'll aggregate the information and update this post.
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