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I inherited this Game title from a guy who was packing it in. I should have had him change the email, but I was to green at the time to know that. Can you change the email associated with this sign on. If I try it will send an email to the current email requesting permission and he is not monitoring that email. I have tried. I have several years in using this sign on but if we become forced to create a new sign on I will not be able to.
Can you help?


  • gamerdruid
    5025 posts Moderator
    Unfortunately EA help is the only place for a possible solution. Unless you know the answers to his security questions, Date of Birth entered etc you are unlikely to persuade them you're entitled to access to the account. EA help can change e-mails when the e-mail is not longer available, but need confirmation you are entitled to access by using the information they have on file.
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