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What are the recommend apps for IMAC

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Replaced my PC with Mac what are the apps to enhance play. enhancement like searhing for selecting base sites, preview resources of base and others


  • I would also like to know
  • gamerdruid
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    I don't have an Apple computer, but if you can run scripts like tampermonkey (for Chrome or derivatives for the Mac) or Greasemonkey (for Firefox or derivatives for the Mac) then you should be able to run the same scripts as on a PC. If running in PC emulation mode then you should be able to access and use all the same scripts as on a PC running Windows.
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  • Thanks for the reply. It is true thanks. Bit inconvenient to swop browsers only for Tiberium alliances to access the fancy stuff but I am playing well enough as is and enjoying myself. Lets not do fancy!
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