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refreshing the game

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its any chance to see somethink what can refreshing the game???
did core team working on a game try to think about:
loader to download with game to work 100x faster than on WWW
-complitly mew map?
-new POi maybe for Cash?
-maybe old map but not circle but square
-GDI vs NOD but no alliance just a fraction alliance
all GDi in one Alliance all NOD in one alliance... no liders just evry in one alliance fraction from choosing left or right side of map [url]https://prnt.sc/QZcdhB_wKYRC[/url]
- new map 50 vs 50 some like alliance vs alliance
-small pvp map
-fast mode map(worlds with speed aprox 10x times faster than now, like one world 2,3 weeks and its done)

-do you have any plans to refresh the game or add some new style of maps or game mechanics
dunno somethink what put into game a "Fresh breath"?

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