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Sims 4 PC Offline

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as a long time sims enjoyer, i’ve seen a lot of changes made to the game and platform through the years. the majority have been great, but there’s one thing that makes me mad: the new offline play.

in order to play offline on PC, you have to sign in online and keep your computer on until you’re ready to play offline. previously, you didn’t have to do this. here’s some of my issues with this.

1. the sims is not an online game
sims 4 is not inherently an online game, just a game with online features. so people should be able to sign in offline.

2. we paid for this game
we all spent our hard-earned money on this game, and some of us paid extra for packs. so, if we own a copy, why can’t we play offline? it feels like we’re being scammed.

3. some of us can’t afford good PCs
my computer is old and the battery is messed up. i can’t afford another computer, and i can’t find a replacement battery. this means that i can’t leave my computer on just to play offline. many others have this issue as well.

in conclusion, proper offline play needs to come back. we all want our moneys worth, after all.

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