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Command Points Transaction Issue?

I tried to purchase TA Funds on 4/16/23 but nothing appeared in my account, even after waiting 24 hours. Two chats w/ EA support only led to "the game is old and is sunsetted, there must be a server issue". After an hour and a half on chat w/ one of them they finally gave me a refund after saying they had no ability to make the TA funds appear in my account. Are others having issues? If it was a fluke I can try again, but the last thing I want to do is have the same issue occur and have to spend that much time to get a refund again.


  • gamerdruid
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    Once again Support have it right and wrong!
    They are 'possibly' right in that they have no ability to grant TA funds into your account and then giving you a refund, they are wrong that the game is sunsetting and they can do nothing!

    If there was a general issue then there'd be a lot on here complaining. Try again with the lowest level of transaction. If the money is taken from your account it should show on their system, I believe.
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  • EE_Elephterion
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    Hello Commander,

    The only thing sunset is EAs tech support for the game. This responsibility has been handed off to the development team a long while ago. EA Customer service will only deal with general account and payment issues.

    Please try again and let me know which world and around which time this issue happened. We would like to investigate what went wrong there.

    Also can you elaborate where did the issue involve Command Points?
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