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  • I have cleared cookies the cach saved passwords all of it and still i can not enter. It is obvious its not my end but your end seeing as it lets me check my other worlds. And the worst part is theres no where to post where other players cant see so they know they have a window to destroy my base. This should be a top priority fix as all the servers are online 24/7.
  • same problem
  • Pithya1
    2 posts New member
    Since 4 days now I cannot enter the game, it happened last week for 3 days than for 1 single day I could play normally. so far I tried everything but problem still ongoing
  • name
    1 posts New member
    Same here! can't load in few days NOW! BTW only PTE world. I can login in all other world! Please help!!
  • Ive reported it directly to ea. There developers cant ignore us if ea is behind us. ea wants players to be able to enter there games.
  • any chance that this thread can be conbined witht the others showing same problem? there are two others.....
  • its been over 24 hours since i can enter the test world. Still same problem its been. Now i miss out on our fort hit because nobody here does there job.
  • skyfyre8
    132 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @M8u8r4r4a0796,

    When you have the issue the next time, could you switch to the "Network" tab in Chrome DevTools. And check for the call that's producing the error. Click on the call and check the "response" tab for the call.
    Ideally, could you get me two things:
    1. the full URL of the file/ call that fails
    2. the response content

    That would help us narrowing down the issue. Thank you!
  • skyfyre8
    132 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @M8u8r4r4a0796,

    nevermind, the issue will be solved within 15 minutes on the PTE. Thank you for bringing this up! Somehow you managed to bypass CDN caching and on our end some files have already been deleted as they're not used anymore. But in fact the PTE still relies on those files.
    It seems that everyone else got the cached files served. We will update PTE to usew the latest version. THis should fix the issue.
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