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We all know how the game has gone to Credits and Power to Progress
now Credits on any of your account bases prouce go into a single Pool Hence the emergance of Cash Bases
we can also Transfeer Tib and Crystal from Base to Base.
SO WHY NOT allower Power to be Transfered from Base to Base


  • gamerdruid
    4933 posts Moderator
    This has been suggested a number of times over the many years of the game, unfortunately it is unlikely to happen for many reasons, one of which is the age of the game and the game code.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • F1jjYR3
    11 posts Member
    or at least make power a common resource like credits?
    it's just a game but...power roughly means the amount of total being produced while huge jumps in usage will make less power available for other things. and power is pretty expensive to produce once you take how much you consume with upgrades.
    so that expense may imply those properties? and if it were to become transferable would everything be adjusted to use more power per hour to stay active?
  • The transfer of power would bring some interest to the game. Unfortunately the whole game is becoming very stale and it needs an injection/changes to bring back interest like another weapon or vehicle changes and the power if it was a common resource like credits would inspire more interest. I find myself spending more time elsewhere because of the staleness of this game.
  • F1jjYR3
    11 posts Member
    maybe power can be looted from every base but that goes away from the theory of the power plants making power constantly rather than bases relying on a primarily stored resource.
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