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EA's Fair Game Charter

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I recently came on this:


It starts as follows:
At EA, we believe in the power of positive play. Being part of a gaming community should be safe, fair, inclusive, and meaningful for all. The guidelines in this charter are key to making sure you can trust that our games and services are enjoyable for anyone, no matter who you are. Whether you’re new to gaming or have been an active player for years, we need your help to make this a community we all want to be part of.

Be the player you want to play with:

Treat Others With Respect - Our community is diverse. Everyone should feel like they belong.
Keep Things Fair - Winning is much more satisfying based on your own skills.
Share Clean Content - Create and share stuff that’s appropriate.
Follow Local Laws - Keep it legal in our games and services, just like you would IRL.

Remember the tools and controls available to you:
EA Help - Your place to manage your account and get help from EA or the gaming community.
Parental Controls - We give players and parents simple solutions to shape how they play including making choices on time spent playing, spending, social communication, and accessing games by rating.
Accessibility Portal - We aim to break down barriers that prevent play.

Be aware of the consequences for unacceptable behavior and content:

Consequences - If you don’t follow this charter or if you violate our User Agreement, we may place restrictions on your account and take away your access to certain or all EA Services.

We take action to protect our players against harmful/illegal behaviors and content.

Follow the link to read more: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/commitments/positive-play/charter

It is available in a number of languages. I found German, Spanish, French and Dutch versions. Others may exist - try changing the de-de section to your language identifier used when you select the language on the front page when you login.

German: https://www.ea.com/de-de/commitments/positive-play/charter
Spanish: https://www.ea.com/es-es/commitments/positive-play/charter
French: https://www.ea.com/fr-fr/commitments/positive-play/charter
Dutch: https://www.ea.com/nl-nl/commitments/positive-play/charter
I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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