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Malus level on Firestorm 21 is it Set Correctly. Question are being asked about it being higher than

hi could you check the Malus levels on Firestorm 21 the latest world. Guys are saying its higher than previous worlds or what had been written on the description at the start


  • first i bought bonus RT and CP cap and then noticed it. I hope EA will fix it. ain't gonna play for years in FS21
  • Galadheth
    4 posts New member
    i take no credit for this if correct Uub a vrt prestiges player has said We have a 4x malus on 200% max bonus, that is not playable. Please write something in the forum, we need 600% max bonus or we play here for 2 years. if so this needs to be looked at please
  • smashhead30
    3 posts New member
    yes max 200% seems to low
  • batteredjuttari
    8 posts Member
    edited July 16
    Please fix this! it´s not playable otherwise!
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  • ioitigunn
    1 posts New member
    0/10 Not worth funds

    Wont spend money till you fix this mess!!!
  • Best solution is to REMOVE THE MALUS, that will make the server playable
  • 0 tunnel exits, 200% max bonus, malus, killing lvl 20 bases for lvl 14 pois wow what a mess
  • This world is unplayable !
    Remove malus
    I wont spend 2 years before being close the center
  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    The staff that would investigate don't work on a weekend. I'll draw this to their attention for Monday.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Thanks for the reply Gamerdruid, Waiting for EA to reply as we are stuck in our place now. Zero space to maneuver and Can't grow to attack high level Bases.

    Thank you!
  • @EE_Elephterion @EE_kalyn

    Unfortunately, Firestorm 21 is not playable with today's settings.

    It is too far between the Tunnel Exits and the levels at the bases are far too high. This makes it almost impossible to grow the accounts and move toward the fortress.

    Another important thing is that it feels pointless to have to kill level 20 bases to dig out level 14 POIs

    In order to make Firestorm 21 PLAYABLE and FUN, all the players (EA's customers) I have talked to believe that morale/malus must be REMOVED for us to continue playing there, with morale/malus will take an inhumanly long time to complete the world.

    Removing morale has been done on previous worlds after opening (Forgotten attacks beta) So this should be a narrow thing to do for the dev team.

    Can't see anything but a positive for EA doing this - happy customers are worth their weight in gold.

    Hoping for positive feedback from the devs regarding the matter

    Best regards
  • I agree 105%, as for myself I am fed up with the attempts to make worlds harder than they should be with this malus/morale added in. Why not bring some fun back into the game and put back loot for pvp victories, at least we had some good battles back then and not the farmville game of today.
  • smashhead30
    3 posts New member
    same here... you have to kill lvl 20 bases for lvl 14-15 pois... the tunnel exit system is bad too.. you have some lvl 14-16 at the start and the next in dig lanes are 25.. how should we progress ... farming 2 weeks lvl 15 outpost to be able to shoot the next row of bases? 2 years+ server if it stays the same... i dont think many player will continue playing this world
  • Uub666
    56 posts Member
    100%. If you take out the malus and adjust the bonus, we can play and it would be fun for everyone. Because there aren't enough tunnels for a farm world, or should we kill camps?
  • All these so called Upgrades to the game like Malus Increases. Are nothing more than a Money Grabbing Exercise. They will Kill this game very soon with there Pathetic Ideas.

    Here is a novel approach for the Ones Running this Game.
    Make it More Enjoyable and Entertaining.
    Not just getting away with Increasing Malus to Earn Your Money
    Like Every Member here We Work for our Money and expect Value.
  • 200% agreed malus need to be REMOVED ASAP otherwise i quit the world.

    @gamerdruid ; please inform the devs about this tread, thank you.
  • Galadheth
    4 posts New member
  • i agree
  • Indenaamvan
    1 posts New member
    Please removed 200% malus quick otherwise i quit this world .
  • For sure, this system is a fail, I will not play it like this. Hope EA understands this and makes adjustments.
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