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Malus level on Firestorm 21 is it Set Correctly. Question are being asked about it being higher than


  • Nolle87
    1 posts New member
    bitte umgehend den Malus anpassen . ansonsten werden sehr viele spieler den server beenden
  • I will take my MONEY and LEAVE the server on thuesday IF NOT the malus will be removed before that, please let us ENJOY Developers! This is not enjoyable at all.

  • effas83
    3 posts New member
    I agree totally with Groundhog, and i will quit the server if the morale not will be removed.
  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    Going by past worlds when similar requests were made to remove malus, they will not remove it but will look at the levels of malus and adjust if they see fit.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • 100% agree. Remove Malus or adjust it correctly
  • dabusky
    1 posts New member
  • Agree!!!!! Malus is to high.
  • batteredjuttari
    8 posts Member
    edited July 16
    gamerdruid wrote: »
    Going by past worlds when similar requests were made to remove malus, they will not remove it but will look at the levels of malus and adjust if they see fit.

    Hey! That makes no sense, they can´t adust tunnel placement, add more tunnels or change base levels i belive?
    We have to farm camps for many weeks even if they make malus a bit lower, its to boring for most.

    Can you please link to the treads where malus removal requests has been done before?

  • Uub666
    56 posts Member
    edited July 16
    We had the same problems on Tib45 and FS17, after a long wait EA changed the bonus to 600% max and malus from 4 to 7. On these worlds, however, we were able to farm with real tunnels, this setup is without morality. Or builds enough tunnels and morale to 7, but farm is impossible like this
  • tokenting
    140 posts Member
    edited July 16
    I agree, some devs need to pay attention here and not gamerdruid. The server settings are messed up, simple as that.
  • Hi,

    Malus ok but with two options, u really really grow loots, u decrease the %
    Both options are doable, u can do it in pte so u can do it in classic

  • you should start listening the community . Its not about difficulty this server but is unplayable if you dont adjust things . I will not continue playing if you dont make something . for example surely you need to fix the high lvl pois . lvl 60 poi is the same as lvl 61 even same as lvl 75 . I m not sure what other adjustments could happen but surely this is a known bug from FS20 and you ignored as again you didnt even bother to fix it for the future worlds....
  • Fixer2021
    1 posts New member
    The game play is far outside of 'playable' when the current settings. Let's go back to an original world, where the game was fun. Drop all these crazy settings, you are trying to make money!
  • can only agree here, if nothing changes I'll give up the server
  • i agree
  • DaChaos
    1 posts New member
    remove malus the world is too small, the tunnels lvs are too huge (nearby no 17-20 tunnel just 15/16 ... 21)
  • Long time player, first time playing a Firestorm server (and probably last time). If you are wondering why engagement on this server is very low, you can look through the comments and see why. Instead of playing different rule types, everyone will wait and only play one server ever 6 months (classic Tib server), not a very smart move by EA to destroy the brand this way. I spend way too much $ on this game to be presented with an unplayable game. Changes need to be made.
  • Also some new Lads are STUCK at BACK of Sector and can not move Forward as the No Mans land is to deep
  • EA please make it easier to enjoy the game and the server within a time-frame that makes it interesting to stay on the server. Not push us away.

    Thank you.

    Waiting for an update.
  • Ich spiele das Spiel seit es auf dem Markt kam. Zuerst nur auf dem Pc und als es online gespielt werden konnte, auch hier. Ich stelle fest, das Spiel wurde statt vorwärtsentwickelt für den Spieler, vorallem für den zahlenden, mehr und mehr rückwärtsentwickelt. Die Spielmöglichkeiten wurden verschlechtert und mehr und mehr der Spass am Spiel genommen. Das man nicht mehr die Resourcen eines "Feindspielers" bekommt, ist schon unverschämt. Das dann noch der "MALUS" eingebaut wurde, nur damit die Spieler es mit erhöhten Geldausgaben kompensieren sollen ist einfach mal völlig unangemessen. Soll das nur noch ein Spiel für Spieler mit Geld sein??? Wie unfair soll es noch werden???
    Denkt zum einen mal an die Menschen die finanziell es sich nicht leisten können "Erfolge zu kaufen" und gönnt auch den weniger gut betuchten ein tolles Spiel.
    Meine freundlich Bitte ist, nehmt den Malus aus dem Spiel und macht das Spiel wieder so spielbar, das man es täglich kaum erwarten kann das Spiel zu starten.
    Und bitte, bringt mehr "Sonderspiele" ein um das Spiel abwechslungreicher zu gestalten.
    Eure vorallem seit beginn spielenden Spieler haben eine angemessene Beachtung und Behandlung verdient, haben sie euch nicht Monat für Monat gutes Geld in eure Brieftaschen gespült??

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen...
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