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Malus level on Firestorm 21 is it Set Correctly. Question are being asked about it being higher than



  • Someone will reach the center about the same time as usual just the same.

    It just takes a more coordinated effort this time. And it looks like one main alliance with little opposition. The rulesst doesn't matter much in that strategy I'm guessing.
  • Are we now saying after ALL THIS TIME not 1 of the Devs Team has not looked at this Forum
    I do think its not only Discussing but also a large Insult and Disrespect by the Devs and even EA to the players

    The old saying You Get What You Pay For,

    We Pay but Don't Get
  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    I don't know if anyone from the development team have looked or not. I do know they're aware of the two issues that were brought to their attention on Friday when the world was launched. They investigated both the issues and made some decisions. What they decided I'm not privy to so don't know, although it looks like they decided not to change anything.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Uub666
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    edited July 26
    And that's exactly a joke, we can't even free the tunnel to the farm and sometimes have to kill camps, that's a joke world. Not to be taken seriously. But this is the largest world with the bonus for normal worlds, but with a 4 moral too high bases on the tunnel and the tunnels are also rare. Basically a world just to steal our money, nothing more. These programmers have no interest in helping us, try to keep your funds until something new starts
  • Hi,

    Maybe an infected challenge ould be the minimum for us as nothing seem to change into malus :smile:
    Lets think of it, easy to make and all could be a bit happy ^^
  • If you look on world map EVERY alliance is at about same level of movement. ALL STUCK on the 20 plus level line due to Maul. What UUB says can have some Foundation

    But not being able to open Tunnels or hit decent Ops due to the High Maul Level
    its stopping everyone's advancement
  • so they will not change anything and you guys keep complaining + playing that server. What is wrong with you?
  • Over the years the complaint was funded alliances were dominating the strategy.
    Yet people also complained that not funding heavily and quickly winning a badge means you are not experiencing the game properly.

    People complained that camps and outposts were a waste of command points. Yet others complained that tunnels are needed to farm outposts.

    This server seems to be making all those strategies relevant and is even making commanders rethink their previous successes. Is that not the point of a tactical war game?
  • Uub666
    56 posts Member
    due to the setup, the world will definitely last 2 years and nobody likes to play a game that goes over such a period of time, you?
  • I do return to older servers sometimes while not bothering to necessarily start the next one in line.
  • Uub666
    56 posts Member
    it doesn't matter, just that they know and don't give an answer says everything about them
  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I just want to see the door opened to some new features in game play.
    My fear is that if people react negatively to any variation from normal play very little will change.
  • Uub666
    56 posts Member
    ty We didn't want more. The world will still take a long time, but the change means you can play it.
  • There may not be a user base to justify but perhaps a third server class is what's needed.
    Less usual rulesets can be on those.
  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    Firestorm is now intended to be that server class. Unusual world setups etc. unfortuntely sometimes the changes have unforseen effects, even when trialled on the PTE
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Maybe taking the original malus setting for reasoning, if malus level took in to account something like alliance base levels nearby to counter it people would find the malus rules more enjoyable?
  • ffi82
    51 posts Member

    Why use "malus" when The Forgotten could also benefit from each POI type... they could use them Resonators the same way as the players factions (GDI & NOD)... This would pose a challenge for all players when digging and when (if!) players are conquering them big POIs, it'll get easier for weaker players to advance and catch up (distance wise at least) with the top ranked players.

    Why aren't The Forgotten using them POIs? (the only type they are "included" is the Tunnel Exit atm...)
    I mean... These are well maintained (are these some religious stuff or some art form to them?) seeing that they are in Forgotten territory and serve no purpose to them...

    (maybe put a cap to their max tier though... or tweak this setting for more challenging worlds...)
  • You mean allow outposts and camps benefit from poi?

    Even bases of the same level, a little higher, cannot breach a well defended player so a stationarary player in that environment right now cannot be hurt.

    If not stationary then the trend is to push as far as you can as fast as you can because once you are stationary you lose that offensive momentum and counterattack especially from stronger forgotten becomes constant.

    Once you fund sufficiently, organize into alliances and attack there is a general minimum level and time spent to reach and challenge the center fastest.

    If the level of spawned forgotten was not set by zones maybe allowing them to level up then poi bonuses might factor. But then a single fortress at the center would be pointless?

    Your idea I think would actually benefit players who want to stay on a server long term as they can play a power struggle for poi with forgotten. And even make them more relevant in the classic center push as forgotten can suddenly retake territory and counterattack with increasing level.
  • As well poi's that can be damaged by attacks maybe? An occupier can assign defensive units to it and spend research points to repair.
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