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Base destruction

3 posts New member
I have read the games description of how the game choses to attack our bases. The average of offense and defense, averaged down and then plus 3 of the highest.
My bases have moved near the center as 36 level bases with 39 or 40 level defenses, level 36 off.
They have been under attack by level 46 to 49 bases and outposts.


  • methuselah
    465 posts Senior Moderator
    I'm no expert but my understanding of the mechanic is that you are attacked by whatever level of bases surround you, if you get into deeper water than your base level you still get attacked by whatever is around you.
  • Jerryyyyb
    3 posts New member
    The stated forum system is what I described above. Others at my base level have survived here for the rules as described. Why am I being what appears to be picked on?
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