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Tib 59 is over...

...prompt announcenment of a new server would be desirable.


  • the guys at Firestorm 21 can farm till christmas - have fun with that.
    We want to have a new FA server as soon as possible. Thx.
  • Would want to know the release dates of the next 2 servers, please.
  • how do we know when a server is coming up
  • methuselah
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    They will announce it when the time comes, I do not believe there is any exact, predictable pattern.
  • Eldorado501
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    methuselah wrote: »
    They will announce it when the time comes, I do not believe there is any exact, predictable pattern.

    its time for a new server!
  • @EE_kalyn within one week its not possible to answer questions about new server(s)???
  • dude just wait, there should be a new server the next 2-3 weeks.. Instead of spamming, maybe improve your playstyle, there is much you can learn :)
  • asking for more communication is no spamming for sure. improve your playstile? can´ t remember that we have played together at Tib59 - but please let me know what i can do better. Looking forward for your answer.
  • whoever kills them high level bases faster wins the world.
    indirectly, this means that whoever has the highest power consumption in the main base will be a top player in the top alliance.
    get them resources by killing key bases though and not by being a top camp or outpost killer!

    forget about your next base (research offense units instead)... that is and will be useless.

    the best puzzle solvers will win.
  • @kOeGy Maybe you can teach him some of your cheats???
  • @EE_kalyn

    new server Tiberium 60 has the same setting (moral/without FG attacks) as Firestorm21 where the guys have to play for a few more month. Tiberium 59 (FG / withot moral) is done since 2 weeks.

    Can you share your thoughts about that decision + can you give us some information about the next server with FG attacks?

  • they take the settings which gives most $$$.. Long worlds with malus 4, or fast worlds, more attractive for many people without Malus.. Malus 7 + forgotten attacks would be the most competetive one, but i think thay wont give much $ :)
  • i agree - but it looks like the new forum moderator @EE_kalyn is not willing to give a single response.

    Last time from player perspective:
    1. it makes no sense to start a new server TIB60 while FS21 is still running a long time with almost the same setting. Who should play there? Not the guys from FS21 and most of the rest is not interested in this kind of setting.
    2. it makes no sense to start a new server (with moral) when there is a WCS later that year. TIB 60 will not be finished before the start of the WCS.

    Off topic:
    3. again its stupid to start a WCS in December - you can´t remember the discussions last time?
  • b97cbae3213388ee
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    A lot of people play no attacks. I'm thinking firestorm 21 was to give those people a challenge.
    I'm also thinking that some people want less difficult servers to badge quickly and move on to the next one. Those servers would likely have the most generic settings possible.
    In any case should how long it takes to beat a server have anything to do with server frequency?
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  • Now that the new morale server has been announced, can whoever is responsible share the date or the aprox. date of the new FG server?
  • They don't release data more than the next server inline.
    And there is no way to know if you will get the settings you will like most.
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