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Is there any point in playing in a world in which the fortress is destroyed and all POIs are captured by other alliance?

How do I keep up with others?


  • no, just wait for the next world.. ~ every 6 weeks they start a new server
    the only thing is you can train and improve the start for the next world or maybe get in touch with other people who will start the next world as well
  • ffi82
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    edited September 5
    yes, just read the tooltips properly and apply that knowledge as best as you can.
    practice before u start a new server with serious intentions.
    ask in chat or message and inspect high level players bases for "inspiration".

    make decent targets:
    • reach top 500
    • keep it
    • reach top 250
    • keep it
    • reach top 100
    • keep it
    • reach top 50 (funds are a must here)
    • keep it (more funds are needed)
    • reach top 10 (all your supply points are depleted at this point in most cases)
    • keep top 10...(funds are not an issue for you)

    more or less.. depends on the competition on your world.
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